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The relatively large size has at least one benefit: it allows for an ample 2.2-inch screen.

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A quickstart guide can be found at Graphical Install -- this only covers first time installation, but should give you a fairly good idea how it works.

If you have any problems, please read the changelog and issues list on the development page page before reporting any bugs!

Rockbox Utility looks similar on all platforms due to the used toolkit.

The appearance follows the settings of your operating system.

If you do so please update the table when updating the package. For reporting bugs please use the tracker as this also allows us to get back into contact with you.

The following is a list of known accessibility issues in v1.2.3: some screenshot of Rockbox Utility 1.3.0.The buttons have a bit of a cheap feel to them in that they wiggle around in the base, but overall, the player has a nice, weighty feel.Above the control pad, you'll find a menu button, and on the top edge, there's a dedicated volume rocker--we always like that.Find where the player is connected (e.g REMOVABLE DISK E:) Right Click it, and click FORMAT This will erase all of your files, but WILL MAKE YOUR PLAYER WORK AGAIN!!!! I am sick of companies not backing up their product. One day computer recognizes it, next time, it doesn't.Plug usb cable, push (10 sec) reset button (left) and wait. Press button " " , plug usb cable and wait the Device Manager. I have had the MP3 plugged into the system for 2 weeks, praying it will fix itself at this point. Note: if the player still recognized as removable: disk but cannot access the drive.Note: if the links in the table do not link to the latest version the binaries haven't been uploaded yet.