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It engendered such rage to have being sexually assaulted as a preteen thrown up at me as The Reason I'm poly, bi, atheist, and keep civil rights as a focus of my life. My partners have done more to support me in life than my family of origin ever has, and I am thankful to have found the level of love and acceptance within the poly community that I enjoy.

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Watching this video clip today brought that back up: https:// Srsly TV/videos/1042301682559891/ The bit about others defining you as damaged for being the target of sexual assault around the 3 minute mark is a huge part of why I didn't report for years, and certainly not to my parents.

As a kid, I was a target of sexual assault while living overseas.

I found Derick and Nicole by going to Denver Craigslist personal ads and searching “poly.” Of the three I reached out to, only he responded.

I met them at an Applebee’s in a Denver suburb near where they live.

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Having multiple intimate relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

It doesn't define us (unless we allow that), and that you can have as many amazing relationships as anyone else!

As one of the oldest poly dating sites online, we're always looking to provide a better experience for the polyamory community.

I'd already seen how my cousins, around the same age, who'd been molested by a church member, were seen as forever broken by those events.

Last week, thirty years later, my mom basically told me that she thinks the rape broke me, and turned me into a liberal, critical thinker.

” Kerry, who is nearly 30, has been with her husband since they were 14.