Rapper the game on dating show

Priscilla Rainey, a contestant on dating show ‘She’s Got Game’, said that during a date with the rapper – which she believed to be part of the contest, although it wasn’t – Taylor became “intoxicated” and “out of control” and inappropriately touched her buttocks and genital area several times.She successfully sued over the incident and was awarded .1 million in damages last November.Rapper "The Game" reacts during a preseason NFL football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs in August.

| Richard Vogel/Associated Press A federal jury has ordered rapper The Game to pay .1 million in a sexual battery lawsuit brought by a former cast member of his reality dating show.The woman was a contestant on VH1’s “She’s Got Game.” She said in the lawsuit that The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, conspired with show’s producers to force her to go on what she thought was a mandatory date to an Illinois sports bar during the time the show was being filmed in May 2015.In a somewhat optimistic lawsuit, Taylor then sought to pass on the cost of those damages to VH1, and then some.In a million lawsuit filed earlier this year, the rapper – who continues to deny the sexual assault claims – argued that the broadcaster was liable for his legal battle with Rainey, because they had cast her in the reality show despite a doctor who vetted all potential contestants cautioning producers that “in moments of jealousy, [her] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control”.Taylor to pay more than million as a result of his actions against a former contestant of an unscripted television series produced by a third party,” Viacom told The Wrap.

“He is now seeking to shift the burden of his damages to Viacom through a misdirected legal action that is totally without merit.You might remember Kreesha Turner from a post about her stealing the show at Carnival last year.Well the Internet is now speculating that she’s The Game’s newest lady. A couple of Instagram posts that make them look pretty cozy.She said Taylor inappropriately touched her buttocks and genital area several times at the bar.The lawsuit was filed in Chicago federal court in August 2015.In true nature, he will be surrounded by a plethora of attractive women all vying to “win his heart”. This seems extremely reminiscent of “The Flavor of Love,” where you had 50 year old Flavor Flav as the self-proclaimed, “The Blackchelor” which to the slower folk, is a play on words to mean the black bachelor.