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I try to listen with an open mind, but I have always been a member of the Stratford camp.

This is not out of blind loyalty to my own pet theories; I have no real stake in whether or not Shakespeare wrote the plays bearing his name.

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Besides, the burden of proof falls on the other claimants to the throne.

For those that ask me, ultimately, why I believe in Shakespeare as the author, I have a simple (if often frustrating to those who fervidly believe in another author) answer: it's the simplest explanation.

"Everyone has a bad day once in a while and responds with a harsh or negative word." Emotional abuse is an ongoing pattern of behavior designed to control, manipulate and subjugate another that usually occurs behind closed doors.

Speaking in anger is different than Ruth's experience: When I set the table for dinner, my husband would come into the kitchen, walk around the table, and adjust the placement of the silverware, plates and glasses, saying 'Some day you will get it right. While the reasons for emotional abuse are complex, most experts believe it is rooted in unresolved childhood trauma.

Stormy the Papillon is not a service dog and his owner doesn’t try to misrepresent him as one.

In this photo, he is simply acting as a model to portray the all too common trend among some dog owners who claim that their pet dogs are service dogs, just so they can take them everywhere.Given this, I've felt no need to defend my opinions on the authorship debate, especially when there are scholars who have dedicated their professional lives to the subject and are in a better position to debate the evidence (or lack thereof).I treat other opinions with respect, I wait for the incontrovertible evidence that will put this argument to bed once and for all, and I wonder sometimes if any one writer could have been responsible for the ensuing effect on literature, language, and history.One of the biggest debates with which I'm involved is the authorship debate over Shakespeare's works.Many different people have engaged me with their theories on why Shakespeare couldn't have written his works and who they believe was the actual author behind them.In 1 Corinthians 13, God tells us what love is and what it is not.