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I have spent the past two years exploring nearly every nook and cranny of South America.

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The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, and other major cities include Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, and Ciudad Guayana.

Venezuela is the sixth-largest country in South America and has a population of about 10,800,000.

I almost wanted to keep it to myself because I have never seen a Spanish course that teaches this way.

It’s one of the keys (I have six others) to why I get perhaps more praise than any Spanish teacher anywhere.

You should take a visit if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities in a relatively compact area.

Ecuadorian girls look very indigenous with straight black hair, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, and small eyes.Ecuador was made for the adventure traveler; the surfer, hiker, mountain climber / biker, the naturist and white water rafter.The comfortable tourist trail has been laid with very reasonable prices until you hit the Galapagos.The land of Venezuela can be divided into three main regions: coastal mountains, plains, and forest.The coastal mountains are confined to a small part of the north of the country, while the plains and forest areas make up most of the landscape.It is here where Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery in 1928 – a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world.