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She said the external provider of its mapping content chose not to make a retail update package available in some European markets.It's not clear if owners in other European countries are also suffering with out-of-date maps. In terms of whether customers will be getting the update for free, she added: 'This has yet to be agreed, but we expect it to be rolled out across the dealer network and be favourable to customers that have been affected.' We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on Mail Online.

Garmin have made a number of changes to their map update procedures in the last year.

For those with newer devices these changes have made it much simpler, for others it can still be a painful process with numerous calls to Garmin technical support.

You connect your sat-nav to your PC or Mac using the USB cable that came in the box.

If you have lost your USB cable you can get a replacement. Within Garmin Express, selecting 'Install All' under the 'Updates' tab is the safest option.

Immediately recognised by the car system and upload took about 2 mins. Thanks to one of your reviews it solved my problem too.

My sat nav was set to default when I bought it and took it back to the dealer who said I would need an update disc however upon reading that when set to default it showed no postcode letters it was exactly my problem so reset to uk and working fine now. DVD arrived next day, Replaced existing DVD (under seat) and the rest was automatic. I followed the instructions and in just a couple of minutes the disc had loaded and I was away - of course then I had to change it from Belgium to UK :-) I put in some friends' locations just to test, one lives in an estate only a couple of years old. My old disc was totally unreadable and after a bit of research Ill be honest and say I dubiously took the plunge and ordered a new one.

The whole process took about 5 minutes and I now have all map updates and a couple of interface improvements. At his house that night it not only showed me the way but showed that I was parked down his, quite long, driveway! I needent have worried one bit, it loaded first time and after a few seconds of updating it came on screen and works perfectly.

Just order one, you most definitely will not be disappointed. Be sure to change the search location from Belgium to UK in settings, if you live in UK.

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