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So far about 250 people — all but six of them men — have successfully petitioned a judge to remove their name, mug shot, address and other personal information from an online state sex offender and predator database, according to the Florida Senate.

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Despite all the media attention and fan following, there seems to be not much information regarding his career and life.

Scott was born on the 25th of June, 1987 in Connecticut, United States of America and was raised in a middle class family.

One explanation might be the approach of Pinellas-Pasco Public Defender Bob Dillinger and Pinellas County sheriff's detectives.

The Sheriff's Office devotes a unit of eight detectives to monitoring the county's sexual offenders and predators.

Scott Terra is an American young actor, who rose to fame during his time as a child actor.

Known for his acting roles in TV shows and movies like Spin City (1996), Providence (1999), Strong Medicine (2000), The Perfect Nanny (2000), Redemption of the Ghost (2002) and some other hits, Scott has gained notable amount of fame and success in his career.Ross’ journey to his calling as a C12 Group Chair is unique as he served in planning, development, and operational leadership positions in the non-profit sector for more than three decades.His first career was as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America for 33 years.His parents were also related to acting fields; his father Brendan was a theatre artist and his mother Patricia was a choreographer and also an acting teacher.Born and raised in such a family, his inspirations came from an early age through his parents who were always working in this field.They have two married children, son Wes and wife Charlotte, daughter Kendall and husband Alex. Mark grew up active in the Catholic church, but without a saving knowledge of Christ.