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Lord Bishop Howard Gregory, head of the Anglican Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands has pushed for the abolishment of Jamaica’s buggery law instead of conducting a referendum on it.

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God has made us all to be happy and surely you can't find happiness in an abusive relationship whether it be mentally or physically (Jan 29, 2002 PM) I dont support a woman staying with a man who constantly abuses her, however she should seek professional counselling before she makes the final decision. (Jan 29, 2002 PM) dear pastor my husband has a bad temper and he get up set easily. (Jan 29, 2002 PM) Pastor i am a born again christian but I find my self being attracted to other women just like men . As a christian you should know that lesbianism is condemned in scriptures.

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It is a crime currently punishable by up to ten years imprisonment and hard labor.“Sexual activity engaged in public spaces is illegal and should continue to be so, whether of a heterosexual or homosexual nature.

Beyond that, what happens in privacy between consenting adults should be beyond the purview of the Government,” said the Anglican bishop.

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