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To assess whether this program is successful in reaching the target population, whether user characteristics vary by mode (IM vs text), and whether mode is associated with reaching individuals with high levels of worry or reducing worry postchat.

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Emails received at this address are anonymised to preserve confidentiality, but please do not include details such as telephone numbers as this would be classified as identifying information. Also note that emails may not be replied to immediately due to high demand for the service.We aim to respond to all emails within 3-5 working days. Your comments help us to make sure this site provides easily accessible, relevant and helpful information.Only 7% of parents/carers think their child have received such comments.* *Livingstone, S., & Bober, M. Online grooming may occur by people forming relationships with children and pretending to be their friend.They do this by finding out information about their potential victim and trying to establish the likelihood of the child telling.If you want to ask a question or talk through any issues or concerns, call the Stop it Now! The helpline is available from 9am-9pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-5pm Fridays.

Alternatively you can contact us for help and advice via email at this address: [email protected], with a response in 48 hours.In addition to our face-to-face consultations, we offer two kinds of online appointments: online consultations and e Tutoring (feedback via email).Online Consultations allow you to meet with a consultant online in real time and have a conversation through text chat, audio chat, or video chat.If you are looking for immediate help, please contact the Helpline by phone. We would like to know if there are things you particularly like and how you think we could improve it. Grooming is a word used to describe how people who want to sexually harm children and young people get close to them, and often their families, and gain their trust.Please enter your views in one or both of the boxes. 1/3 of 9-19 year olds who go online at least once a week report having received unwanted sexual (31%) or nasty (33%) comments via e-mail, chat, IM (instant messenger) or text message. Grooming in the real world can take place in all kinds of places – in the home or local neighbourhood, the child’s school, youth and sports clubs or the church.RAINN has taken extensive measures to ensure that your Online Hotline interaction is safe and confidential.