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Spencer said: "This is very new, was I not supposed to say that?

Deva wrote: "Since we don\'t have a post for it (outside of it being on screen relations) ...

“I always like doing stuff that is taboo, and sexual addiction certainly is. You’re dealing with a very technical situation, lots of people in the room, cameras, lights, ‘you can’t put shadow on her face,’ ‘you can touch her here, can’t touch her there,’ and I want to make (co-star Sharon Leal) feel comfortable and protect her at the same time. “We’re naked, whatever, everyone knows what we look like, it’s all good, after a while you just laugh.” For his part, Kodjoe’s director and friend did everything in his power to make it as normal as possible, even if there’s only so much one can do in this sort of a situation.

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Henry has even neither any divorce story in his bio mentioned and he is totally happy with his married life. There is no any elaboration of Henry children as well as no rumors of their children.Read More: 'Nobody still has a clue who you are' - George Hook burns Vogue Williams on Cutting Edge Londoner Spencer joked that he "swept in" after Vogue got a devastating knee injury that forced her to pull out The Jump.He laughed: "I just thought if ever I had a shot it was now, when she was injured and on crutches and can't run away." Brendan then probed them about whether the DJ would be Spencer's date to his brother James' upcoming wedding to Pippa Middleton.Wednesday night saw the New York premiere of “Addicted,” director Bille Woodruff’s adaptation of the popular erotic novel and ubiquitous subway reading material.

Written by the prolific novelist Zane (aka Kristina Roberts), “Addicted” is the story of Zoe, a happily married woman battling a compulsive sexual disorder that drives her to continually seek out men who are not her husband for all sorts of carnal encounters.

That refreshing tendency to allow ambiguities to permeate otherwise conventional stories buys “Recovery Road” a certain amount of goodwill, as does the generally capable work of the cast.

Just as Maddie’s addiction can’t be neatly tied to her mourning, neither is her mother, Charlotte (Sharon Leal), portrayed as a monster for being extremely committed to her job.

He is married to Sophina Brown who is also an actress. He is totally committed with his affair whom he got married after a long dating.

The Couple first met each other in the James Woods legal drama in which both of them were cast which was in the year 2006.

Many shows do terrible jobs of depicting the lives of teenagers, and quite a few programs avoid the topics of addiction and recovery, except as parts of exploitative storylines designed to get media attention or goose ratings.