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Back to the HSFA Guide NA-76.1.1: IN SEARCH OF THE EARLY AMERICANS c.1975; 1,512 (42 min) color sound; video Edited film produced by the Shell Oil Company in consultation with the Smithsonian Institution's Department of Anthropology.He's been able to amass great wealth and gobble up so much land (all we need is more golf courses) by minimizing taxes over three decades of making shady deals. Ted Turner Known as the man once married to Jane Fonda and the founder of CNN, Ted Turner has more money than he knows what to do with.

Larry Hicks of Carbon County, and a natural resources attorney, Larry Wolfe, to help explain this complicated matter.Larry Hicks was born in Powell, and for the last 26 years has been the natural resource coordinator with the Little Snake River Conservation District in Baggs, where he has managed many large landscape scale restoration projects.S., with 2.2 million acres of land, he's also perhaps the most powerful man in cable.Malone's Charter Communications just became the second-largest cable company after taking over Time Warner Cable for a cool billion.Sites depicted and discussed include Mesa Verde in Colorado, Chaco Canyon and Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico, Cahokia Mound in Illinois, and the Mississippian Mounds of southeast United States.

Discussion of lifeways in the Anasazi pueblos includes tool and pottery making demonstrations.We spent numerous weekends digging through old refuse piles of early trapper, ranch, and homesteader dumps looking for antique bottles.My dad led us all through the Beartooth Mountains chasing trout of every size and color, and we scaled down the granite sides of the Clarks Fork Canyon in pursuit of trophy trout., a magazine that tracks land ownership, recently put out its annual list of the country’s biggest real estate barons.Some names are familiar, others not so much (and none of them start with a D and end with an ump.) But what they do all have in common is one thing: a political system that allows them to live the oligarchic lifestyle only Roman emperors could dream of.The 77-year-old media mogul owns around 2 million acres of land across seven states, which (pardon the Morgan Freeman in reference) is just shy of three Rhode Islands.