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I don’t think anyone could assemble a stronger team to build the future of character-based bots. She responds almost as if she’s a close friend, asking you for your opinion on how she should spend her day, whether she should abandon a friend who she’s promised to help move, and updates you when she has to step away to order a latte.

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A fully developed character that you can interact with over Messenger, Kik, or Skype, Jessie will take you on a journey through the day of a woman stumbling through life as a 20-something in LA.

The experience is much more game-like than bot-esque, and hints at one of the many potential futures where scripted conversational-based agents can shine.

They’re responsible for the talking Hello Barbie from Mattel, the Call of Duty Facebook Messenger bot, and the Thomas the Tank Engine ‘Talk to You’ app.

In addition, Rod Humble (ex-CEO of Second Life’s Linden Lab, ex-SVP at EA on The Sims, and now GM at SGN Games) was most recently Chief Creative Officer at Pullstring, and was brought on to build Jessie.

The product is pure entertainment, exploring the potential of messaging and chat as the delivery mechanism.

Human: Get in plastic Mitsuku: Where can I get in plastic? Human: what the fudge Mitsuku: Try expressing yourself another way. Human: no Mitsuku: By "we" you meant yourself and another person. The message is sent only at the moment your contact appears online.This script can be used to send advertisements over Skype too.It is a digital meeting space that seamlessly combines audio, web and video functionality to connect teams--regardless of the location of its members or the device and platform they use.Skype-bot is a Python script that can send chat messages to the Skype user names listed in your Skype contacts list.For example, with the Bing Music bot, typing in "Hello" would bring up Adele's song (a link to her You Tube video, it looks like) rather than polite small talk.