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Friendship groups We run a number of friendship groups around the country where you can meet new friends, have nights out, or even meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Luv2meet U Our friendship and dating agency Luv2meet U supports people with learning disabilities to make friends, share interests and perhaps find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But the council has agreed to put speed cushions along the B1101 following a successful bid by the parish council under a local highways initiative.

The proposals were advertised earlier this year and the county council says only one objection was received.

Many people feel that meaningful friendships and relationships are the biggest things missing from their lives.

There’s a number of ways we can support you in making friends: Staying in touch We can help you stay in touch with friends and family if you’ve moved to a new area or if a day service has closed in your area.

They also claimed there were many benefits from speed cushions “most notably the design of the cushions themselves means that cars and larger vehicles will be able to straddle them as they go over thereby minimising noise and vibration.

“In addition to this cyclists and indeed motorcyclists will be able to pass through unabated as the cushions will not from across the carriageway completely.”“As part of any scheme which incorporates speed cushions, highway users will have to be forewarned by a series of advance warning signs.

If the freezing temperatures continue skaters hope they will be able to hold the ancient British and Fenland Championships next weekend for the first time in 23 years.

"We are hoping the cold weather will continue and we'll be able to hold the Championships," added Malcolm, who has been skating since he was 11.

In a world governed by technology, social media, email and texting, The Architect brings the focus back to socialising on a personal level.

Interacting face to face, talking rather than texting, laughing rather than 'LOL(ing)' We provide a modern, relaxed and friendly environment to meet with friends, family, colleagues and strangers.

It takes three nights of temperatures of minus six or below to form ice strong enough on which to skate safely.