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Karen Turner and Kelly Wilk just co-purchased a home in the upper Beaches area of Toronto.

Both in their late 30s, they have been friends since they were roommates during first year university.

They take a seat at the long table, where they have a few minutes to chat before the bell rings and it's time to move on to their next "date." "I'm an investor," one man with multiple properties in Canada and Asia declares to the young woman sitting across from him. Her other criteria: "Close to transit," which she writes on her name tag. The average selling price in the Greater Toronto Area in May was 3,910, up from 2,100 the same month last year.

Using her naturally outgoing personality, she sells the city as a destination to travel writers across Canada and beyond.

The above quote is from a 2015 Globe & Mail article that focused on Saskatoon’s foodie culture.

I want to eliminate the social media aspect of meeting new people & make it more fun & personal! We will gather monthly - alternating between an interactive event one month & visiting a fine restaurant the next. These take place between 6-8pm at a different location each month.

ALL get togethers will give you an opportunity to meet anyone there. Your first functions is free (except for that event's cost) so you can get a feel for our activities.

TORONTO -- About 30 people gaze into each other's eyes in the basement of a Toronto pub.

But none of them are here in the hopes of falling in love.

In a pelican version of speed dating, these birds only have a week to find "the one" and engage in charming rituals of nodding and a courtship walk.

Like many Canadian snowbirds, pelicans winter in the southern US and Mexico.

Her “relationships” often escalate quickly, culminating in invitations to her hometown.

One encounter prompted the comment: “Let me tell you, I just returned from a weekend for the ages.” It might sound like romance, but Kohen is instead cultivating business relationships in her role with Tourism Saskatoon.

She only needs 10 minutes to win someone over — eight on a good day.