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Almost no one thinks that Ford’s horseless carriage will ever take off and pay for itself—no one but Harlan Crownover, widely seen as the slow-brained member of a family renowned for its business sense.Harlan’s father, Abner Crownover II, had risen from grease boy in his own father’s firm to youthful genius who turned the firm into one that built short-haul freight vehicles and passenger coaches.Aside from being a health faddist, Borneo, tied to Dolan, has his hand in the city government—and into Ford by way of Harlan?

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“Gonna Get Better” makes a promise that the album is determined to deliver.

In troubled times it offers a serotonin rush of positivity: “Stay Happy” lives up to its title, with huge surges of brass that sound like sunshine bursting through clouds.

One of Canada’s premier alt-rock outfits return with their first record in seven years.

Welcoming back the powers of Leslie Feist (Feist) and Emily Haines (Metric), the now-fifteen-strong group use the power and confidence of friendship to create an effervescent record brimming with energy, vitality and joie de vivre.

The songs here follow the blueprint for Millennial indie that the band helped to forge in the early 2000s and subsequently served the likes of Arcade Fire so well.

Clattering drums, soaring melodies and richly layered vocals pepper Hug of Thunder along with jagged guitars and rumbling bass, and the stirring racket the band creates on songs like ‘Halfway Home’ will warm the cockles of even the hardest heart.

But there is no hectoring, no lecturing, but a recognition of the confusion and ambiguity of the world.

That’s not to say it’s an escapist record: Broken Social Scene are completely engaged, wholly focussed, and not ignoring the darkness that lurks outside.

This Canberra, built in 1953 and formerly registered WJ607/EB with 360 Squadron RAF had been de-commissioned and registered G-BVWU on the British Civil Register on 22/12/94.

It was brought to South Africa to join the fleet of classic warbirds at Thunder City, based at Cape Town International Airport and registered ZU-AUE on August 25, 1995.

Fifth in the highly lauded series of Detroit novels that began with 1990’s Whiskey River, a marvel of Prohibition-era description, and continued variously with Motown, King of the Corner, and, most recently, Edsel (1995).