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Long before his exile in Africa, Harris created software capable of tracking internet traffic and, for the first time, expressing this data in a way that marketing departments could understand. Next, he popularized and streamlined the internet chatroom. On a roll and backed by heaps of capital, Josh created a vast and impressive web TV network called Pseudo, effectively firing the opening shot of the now raging war between network TV and the web.Josh sells out at the right moment, and becomes wealthier still.His vision is an expensive one, and in his own words he “spends money like sand running through the fingers of time” but at the moment money is no object.

The next step was scouting locations – all of the bedrooms are other people’s bedrooms.(They were paid a location fee) As for getting the ‘look’ of the show together, the team turned to Pinterest, which was more accessible than the traditional scrapbooks.Excretion is a universal part of the human experience, but it is veiled in taboo.Psychologists have torn the veil off other taboos, such as sex and death, but they have largely ignored elimination.In his mind’s eye, the future resembles a 24/7 party with plenty of sex and the very real possibility of mass murder, and it will be recorded to tape from a variety of angles.

Harris’s called the project bore little resemblance to reality.TG4′s new series Eipic brings us the story of a young band in a small rural town in Ireland.We spoke to its director, Louise Ni Fhiannachta, about all the hidden work that went on behind the scenes.Eipic is set in a rundown town that has borne the brunt of the recession, and the team had to look hard to find their perfect location.Where would be a place that could be dull and grey, but also have the perfect buildings to shoot in?Now a millionaire many times over, Joshua Harris decides in 1999 that he shall become an artist.