nair dating Top ten most intimidating college football stadiums

Just as the country buzzes with an anxious anticipation before every game, so too does every college stadium.Each team has its own way of pumping up its fans, and its players, before the game starts.With that in mind, here's how the stadiums in the SEC stack up.

The stadiums have been cleaned, the gridirons groomed and the fields painted.

In less than two weeks, fanatics all over the nation will begin to file into their home venues.

There are a variety of ways to evaluate the greatness of a stadium.

Huge attendance numbers, home-field advantage in the win-loss column, ear-piercing decibels, rich traditions, picturesque landscapes and amenities are just a few of the aspects that must be considered to rank so many great college football cathedrals.

WATCH VIDEO The Masked Rider stunned the crowd when it made its debut at the 1954 Gator Bowl, and it's still a thrilling sight to see today.

Followed by the band leading the crowd in the 'Red Raider Fanfare,' the Masked Rider storms across the field as the Red Raiders emerge out of the smoke.

When campuses jump to life across the nation each weekend in the fall, college stadiums become a staging ground for history.

Small towns, huge crowds, tailgating, bands, cheerleaders and student sections are just a few of the reasons college football is the best sport on the planet.

Notre Dame's field has always been a classic look, most notably the slash lines in each end zone.

The nine in each end zone total 18 and each line is at a 42 degree angle, symbolizing the year 1842, the school's inaugural year.

An estimated 120,000 fanatics take part in pre-game festivities as the excitement crescendoes until the game's conclusion.