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Our library, located at 2717 SE Indiana Avenue, houses a large and growing collection of more than 12,000 books and 700 genealogical periodical titles. Whether your ancestors lived in Kansas or elsewhere, we are likely to have something useful to you in your research. We offer monthly programs featuring local speakers, an annual conference featuring a nationally recognized speaker, and an array of classes, workshops, interest groups and research trips offered throughout the year to meet the varied needs and interests of our members and the community.

In addition to an outstanding collection of Shawnee County materials, the library offers resources pertaining to almost all U. Membership in the Topeka Genealogical Society also offers fun opportunities to get to know other genealogists, to learn from and share with other members, or to get involved in one or more of our many activities and projects.

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News Releases See the Archives for new releases dating back to 1997 08/22/17: Three appointed to child welfare task force 08/17/17: Judge reappointed to council overseeing juvenile supervision 08/16/17: Chief Justice Nuss selects Shawn Jurgensen to fill special counsel position 08/15/17: Ness County magistrate selected for vacancy in Riley County 08/14/17: Supreme Court to conduct special evening session in Emporia 08/10/17: Long-serving chief judge of 30th Judicial District to retire 08/09/17: Chief justice appears for jury duty 08/03/17: District Judge Yeoman to retire Sept. 113,267: Luke Gannon, by his next friends and guardians, et al. 113,267: Luke Gannon, by his next friends and guardians, et al. State of Kansas 07/07/17: 11th Judicial District Nominating Commission sends candidate names to governor 07/07/17: Kansans appointed to Advisory Council on Dispute Resolution 07/06/17: Supreme Court accepting comment on proposed amendments to Rule 502 affecting continuing education requirements for municipal court judges 07/05/17: Three members reappointed to committee on child support guidelines 06/29/17: Hodgeman County magistrate reappointed to committee 06/29/17: Four judges to serve on state judicial committee 06/29/17: Two reappointed to municipal court clerks committee 06/28/17: Four judges appointed to judicial education committee 06/28/17: Four members reappointed to Language Access Committee 06/28/17: Eight judges named to education advisory committee 06/27/17: Two members named to Kansas Board of Examiners of Court Reporters 06/27/17: Three members appointed to Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications 06/27/17: Two members reappointed to Client Protection Fund Commission 06/23/17: 11th Judicial District Nominating Commission to interview candidates for district judge 06/20/17: Four members reappointed to Kansas Judicial Council; new member to complete vacated term 06/20/17: 3rd Judicial District Nominating Commission sends candidate names to governor 06/19/17: UPDATE 06/19/2017: Appeal No.

30 08/03/17: 3rd Judicial District Nominating Commission seeks to fill district judge vacancy 07/31/17: 21st Judicial District Nominating Commission announces candidates for magistrate judge 07/20/17: Two Court of Appeals judges write chapters for books about fair and unbiased courtrooms 07/18/17: Appointments made to Supreme Court Permanency Planning Task Force 07/18/17: One new member named, five reappointed to Access to Justice Committee 07/17/17: UPDATE: Appeal No. 113,267: Luke Gannon, by his next friends and guardians, et al. 113,267: Luke Gannon, by his next friends and guardians, et al. State of Kansas 06/19/17: Two are elected to Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission 06/19/17: Retiring Labette County judge receives statewide recognition 06/19/17: Douglas County judge appointed to state Judges Assistance Committee 06/16/17: District magistrate judge appointed in Jewell County 06/16/17: 11th Judicial District Nominating Commission to interview candidates for district judge 06/16/17: UPDATE: Appeal No.

A group of thirteen parents agreed to participate on behalf of their children (twenty children). As a result these attorneys petitioned the federal court to reopen the original Brown case to determine if Topeka Public Schools had in fact ever complied with the court=s ruling of 1954. These young attorneys were Richard Jones, Joseph Johnson and Charles Scott, Jr.

Each plaintiff was to watch the paper for enrollment dates and take their child to the school for white children that was nearest to their home. (son of one of the attorneys in the original case) in association with Chris Hansen from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in New York. Supreme Court denied Topeka Public School's petition to once again hear the Brown case.

While compiling and publishing a family history book can seem like a daunting task, it is the best way to insure that our research findings are preserved.

The process can be made less intimidating and more fun by sharing the experience with others who are facing similar challenges.

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Fleming to retire July 14 03/10/17: 10th Judicial District Nominating Commission picks Robert G.

Scott to fill magistrate judge vacancy in Johnson County 03/09/17: Johnson County District Magistrate Judge Michael H.

Membership to male members is closed from time to time in order to ensure the balance of female members is adequately proportioned.