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The files are packed to ZIP archive so you need to unzip archives before using of the library.

Many believe ECDIS has changed the way we navigate our ships.

Rightly so, after all we see our ship all the times on the chart.

Designed to increase safety, save time and simplify chart handling, TADS offers the best coverage and the most accurate data available.

Service, support and consultancy services are all available to help you optimize your navigational needs onboard.

No more worries of plotting the ship’s position manually and no chances of human error in plotting the positions on paper chart.

But there are many of us, who do not still agree with this.

If Navi-Planner is not used onboard, the SPOS® program can provide route optimization and weather prediction.

Transas helps you to prepare for the move towards paperless navigation.

I strongly believe that if we deal with the ECDIS with correct approach, it would not be that difficult as it might look, specially to the seafarers working with the ECDIS for the first time.

The correct approach is comparison with the paper chart. I believe if everyone deal with ECDIS with that approach, it will just be a cake walk. If we know how to do each of this on ECDIS, we know most about ECDIS.

The corrections are applicable only to the charts contained on DVD-ROM marked "TADS Collection Week 22 WF76".