Updating a built in dresser

You can go with black or white, but why not up the wow factor by painting it a fun color.

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We’re really happy with how they’ve turned out, and Sherry is about to explode from waiting to fill them in (I’m making her wait until we’ve finished all of our final caulking and paint touch-ups along with the rest of the room’s crown – I know, THE NERVE).But let me show you how we got to this stage, because the tops took a bit more planning than the bases did since I was building them from scratch.It's easy to find old dressers for sale at flea markets, yards sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops.Taller chests of drawers are usually available too.A reclaimed convenience-store sign makes an eye-catching backdrop for a daybed.

Not only does the vintage sign provide a theme and color palette for the room, but its historic significance also makes it an exciting conversation piece.As you might recall, we bought two FJELL dressers because they were the size we needed and they were made of solid wood. I marked where it sat originally, but kept in mind that when I removed the side baseboard, the whole piece would shift to the left against the wall.But they did need a little additional help when it came to giving them a built-in look: None of these issues were insurmountable, but it did take a some extra work to get them taken care of before we could move on to the fun stuff. Same goes for marking the side cut (when I remove the back baseboard, it would sit further back). The metal radiator cover (leftover from this project) is just there to help protect the floor.Design by Funky Junk Interiors This project is perfect for an old dresser that is missing drawers or cabinet doors.Just add a fun paint color and use the exposed space for game storage or a book shelf. Add a graphic punch to a console or end table with a couple of silhouette cut-outs.A 4ft x 8ft panel of that eco plywood is so I figured out ahead of time how to get the most out of one piece.