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I needed to sync my Outlook contacts and calendar with my Gmail account and CL does this automatically.On those rare occasions when I needed help, their tech support has been excellent.however, since the program was dumped in favor of Family Tree Maker, this is no longer an issue. (I back up using True Crypt, so as XP Mode sees a mounted True Crypt container as a flash drive plugged into XP Mode, backing up was quick and easy.) This year, I was bought a new laptop with Windows 8.1 installed.UFT was a very good genealogy program until it’s owner cceased making updates for it. I believe you will find that when you generate a gedcom in Ultimate Family Tree, you will find that the data which will not load into another program is actually there. After about 2 or 3 days, me and “tech support” (a family member) managed to get Hyper-V virtual machine with XP installed and then it was easy to install UFT.UFT became the standard for other programs to achieve. Since UFT is no longer supported and I don’t know yet if I can take it to Windows 10 I would like to go to another software. Bought this to run on Windows 98 originally (I think I had the 2.1 trial version!

In 2003, Ultimate Family Tree was purchased by Genealogy.com, who dropped it in favor of their Family Tree Maker software. ) Upgraded to the latest and added the patch to run in Windows XP.

That is because Ultimate Family Tree utilized an unique protocol that so far as I am aware (I am NOT a programmer, merely one of the original beta-testers of the software) that allowed users to create custom gedcom tags, the problem being that those tags would be readable only in programs using the protocol, and so far as I am aware, no other developer adopted it. Customizable Biggest Con: no longer supported Am still using UFT! However, unlike XP Mode, Hyper-V seems an antisocial hermit and backing up now involves mounting and “going offline” with virtual hard drives and it takes ages to back up.

Thus, you would need to open the gedcom file in a program that does not automatically add formatting code when a file it has opened is saved. You can then do a cut and paste of the contents into whatever other program you are using. What I’m trying to say is Windows 7 XP Mode will run UFT just fine.

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