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It's your photo library and all of your photo albums.

This content can either be sync'd or managed manually.

Photos – well this category is pretty self explanatory.

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Connect your i Pod shuffle to i Tunes and select "Limit maximum volume". The initial slider setting corresponds to the volume the i Pod shuffle was set to when you selected the "Limit maximum volume" checkbox.

If you do not see the Volume Limit setting on an i Pod nano (1st generation or 2nd generation) or i Pod (fifth-generation), please be sure that you update the software to the latest version.

Deleting the available i OS update from the device will stop the update reminder from appearing, but you have to disconnect from wi-fi and avoid wireless networks because the moment your device is unattended and back on wi-fi…

the i OS update will download itself again and start pestering you again.

See "Updating i Pod software" to obtain the latest version of the i Pod Software and learn how to update your i Pod.

For more information about how to set your Volume Limit, please see your User Guide. There is no single setting that can be recommended for all i Pod users or uses.

This information can either be sync'd via i Tunes or wirelessly via Mobile Me or Microsoft Exchange (although Notes currently can only be sync'd via i Tunes).