Who is kushal tandon dating

is currently dating a Bulgarian model named Elena Boeva.

He met her in the New York Film Academy where he went to pursue his higher studies, and happened to fall in ‘love at first sight’ with her! They became good friends and soon their friendship blossomed into love.

He is playing the role of Ayan Sharma brother of Arjun Sharma (Kushal Tandon).

In the 21 Nov episode of Beyhadh serial , Saajh asleep on her desk because of work, Arjun comes with a cup of tea in her room and dips her finger in a cup.Saachi wakes up and shouted by seeing Arjun in her room. Arjun ask if your finger was not dirty than you can take a sip of this tea.And now it’s been more than a year since they have been seeing each other.But they are into a casual relationship; Kushal is not much serious about the relationship as he is afraid of making any sort of commitment, reveals some sources.Arjun says why are you working in a late night , if you are doing work like this Maya will make your life hell. In the 18 Nov episode of Maya buy a gift fro Arjun and walks towards him holding a gift but stops after watching Saanjh. Jahnvi ask him about Saanjh, Arjun replied, she is his enemy and partner in his all crime. Maya goes home and angrily throws her gift for Arjun and Jahnvi catches it.

Vandana tells Arjun that she is very tensed for Arjun as she is very innocent.

I know he can not survive with saanjh but when he will understand his feeling for saanjh.

Arjun calls Saanjh, she receives his call on washroom and picks his call.

An angry Kushal also went ahead and spoke about the details of their relationship to a journalist.

Kushal spoke about how his grandfather Lalji Tandon was a distinguished BJP member.

And for Kushal, who is his grandson, Gauahar would not be an ideal match. Last night, Kushal rendered an apology to his fans and Gauahar through a note, so as to not spark off a controversy.