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The impromptu joking exchange between the two handsome stars broke out Thursday during a panel to promote Lowe's new Fox sitcom "The Grinder." Lowe was asked if he and Stamos, who will star this fall in another Fox sitcom called "Grandfathered," ever hung out and talked about things like their mutual handsomeness. David Beckham has blackballed him every time he's gotten close.After the laughter died down, Lowe replied, "As a founding member of Jimmy Kimmel's handsome men's club, Stamos has been up for membership. "But I am looking forward to when John eventually makes it in. And I'm looking forward to seeing 'Grandfathered,' and I'm sure, after seeing six or seven episodes of that, John will breeze in." Seemingly unbeknownst to Lowe, Stamos was in the back of the room, waiting for his own show's panel.Gilbert also writes about an unplanned pregnancy with Brat Packer Rob Lowe, and the painful consequences she faced.

— Actor Rob Lowe might have been the guest of honor at Comedy Central's roast Saturday night, but it was conservative pundit Ann Coulter who got burned the hardest at the annual no-holds-barred celebrity diss-off.But why was non-comedian Coulter on the Sony Pictures studios stage in the first place, you might ask?When Ann Coulter turned up to Comedy Central’s "celebrity roast" on actor Rob Lowe, the right-wing commentator and author attracted most of the fire.Ms Coulter was booed as she told the crowd she was there to promote her new book, Pete Davidson said: "If you are here, Ann, who is scaring the crows away from our crops?She started writing her new book in April, as Ted Cruz had quit the race in early May, and finished it within three months.

But Mr Trump postponed a major speech on immigration last week - now scheduled for Wednesday - as he and his allies looked for a "firm but fair" wording on the issue of deporting illegal immigrants.

"I never thought the deportation would be inhumane," said Ms Coulter.

"I wish he had just rephrased it differently, and not used the word 'softening'," she added.

Roast Master David Spade, who starred in 'Tommy Boy' with Lowe, opened the event in Culver City, Calif., saying, "We’re here to honor one of the biggest stars… with some of the biggest stars of 1984." Recently retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning spoke because Lowe tweeted prematurely five years ago that the star athlete was retiring.

"Rob, I never tried to ruin your big moments," Manning said.

When Lowe was asked if he really did know Stamos, Stamos shouted, "Tell the truth.