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He is not extremely high nevertheless as he has a normal stature of 5ft 7in.He has the optimal weight to match his stature and it is 68 kilograms.

He has actually appeared in TELEVISION additionally as well as his most famous shows are by his name called Life of Ryan. He was conceived in the year 1989 on 30th of December as well as this makes him 25 years of age right now.

At this very early age he has actually formally resolved himself as an incredibly effective skateboarder as well as his profit shows that.

Raised by his grandmother in Hawaiian Gardens, California, Joslin spent the better part of his childhood in skate parks, where he developed his talents while his grandmother would sit nearby and write letters to Joslin's brother in prison.

It was these formative years that he cherishes most.

He was birthed in a location called Palma, which lies in California USA.

He has a place with the ethnic background white as well as citizenship American.But a turbulent family history only fueled his engine and steered him toward realizing his dreams.And at a mere 19 years old, Joslin is well on his way to becoming one of the greats.He won contests, filmed video parts and gained sponsors at an exponential rate.Then, in 2014, Joslin not only earned a spot on Plan B's skateboard team, but was introduced to the world in their long-anticipated film, , where he thrilled audiences with a big spin down Barcelona's MACBA gap, an inward heelflip at the Lincoln set in San Francisco and a 360 flip down the UC Davis gap.He definitely knows how to handle himself off the board, which is why it’s no coincidence that he has had sponsors like Jose Cuervo and Toyota knocking at his door. It was rad though, it was more of an appearance thing and they sent a lot of product to the house.