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Because of Japanese censorship laws, all photographs and videos of Yulia obscure her pubic area at least partly, by black bars over her genitals in photos that would otherwise be revealing and by pixelization in videos when she is in revealing positions.

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She attributes this extraordinary endowment to heredity.

Yulia Nova is a university law student who entered a "Russian Beauties Contest" sponsored by photographer Satoshi Kizu in the summer of 2000.

To date, she has appeared in seven VHS tapes, eleven DVDs, three photobooks, and numerous magazines for the Japanese market.

However, her photographs and videos are also available widely from various Internet sources, giving her worldwide recognition.

Two school girls Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16, fell to their deaths from the roof of an apartment block in industrial Ust-Ilimsk.

A girl named only as Ekaterina, 15, was critically injured after she fell onto snowy ground from a flat in the city of Krasnoyarsk, also Siberia.

She has completed filming Imagine set for a 2014 release, starring Jennifer Garner, Al Pacino, and Annette Bening.

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She was chosen over one hundred other applicants that fall.