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A woman wears a cut-out dress that reveals bare sides, cleavage and back.

While being frisked, a woman removes her bra from under her clothes (we see the bra but no nudity).

The woman decided to pay Fahim in cash, but Fahim demanded that she pay for the ride by having sex with him instead, prosecutors allege.

The fertility countdown ticks away constantly in the head of every 20-something-year-old girl, reminding her of the menopause, IVF and adoption.

It doesn’t matter if she wants to have children or not – she can still hear the damn countdown.

A woman has spoken out about how a night of passion left her close to needing a colostomy bag - when her racy antics went wrong.

Emily Georgia, 20, from East Preston, Sussex, was enjoying a sex session with a male partner when a four-inch sex toy ended up lost inside her.

There was to be no penetrative sex with Stan according to the agreement, but this later changed.

After her kidnapping, Stan stated that she was tortured and kept locked in a box 23 hours a day until she was given a contract and forced to sign herself into slavery for life in January 1978.

“People in their twenties are expected to have it sorted career wise, but also have a varied sex life and fulfilled relationships by the time they’re in their thirties – and also maintain their individuality.

It’s a huge juggling act.” She has recently come out of a four-year relationship and is worried she won’t find someone to start a family with when she's ready in a few years' time.

The passenger was able to escape the moving vehicle as it slowed down during traffic.

She appeared to escape from her captor without any injuries.

A man unzips his pants and a bird flies out of the fly (we see no nudity).