Zune card not updating

Vista user can get to this by searching for “regional” in the Start menu.Under the “Locations” tab, select “United States” as the country. If you now launch the Zune software, you should be in business.

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Good news for all of you remaining Zune users — all three of you.

Microsoft is making a series of changes that will affect users of its legacy Zune media devices and services, including retiring its Zune Marketplace music and video service as part of its shift away from to Microsoft Points to real currency.

The case he makes about this affordable mid-range smartphone is that it can be used as a quality portable media device – and he’s right. Yes, that’s correct, the prepaid smartphone is only .

The only difference with the Lumia 521 is it’s on the T-mobile carrier and costs about more for some reason.

“There will be no impact to your original Zune Music Pass or your ability to redeem your 10 monthly song credits,” the company promises in an FAQ outlining the upcoming changes in the Zune Marketplace. in brown, of course] Microsoft says people who have been using Zune Marketplace to rent and purchase video and music will still be able to stream music via an Xbox Music Pass and continue to play back media in their personal collections.

Microsoft introduced the Zune back in 2006 in a futile attempt to compete with the i Pod, and stopped making new devices after the Zune HD.

Several hours ago Microsoft released the Zune Spring 2008 Update with a new Zune software package (version 2.5).

Embedded in the resource files is an interesting image of a new red “Scorpius” (4/8GB) Zune.

I would assume a commemoration only happens once, so could this be a new 16GB Zune for everyone else?

For any skeptics out there, the two images have notably different positioned logos which confirms these are not the same images colored differently.

The design of the Zune interface was a precursor in some ways to Microsoft’s current UI for Windows Phone and Windows 8.